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Lion King


I’m still ‘Elfing’ around even though the ears are not so much pronounce on this image. The idea of this was to get a rather Royal autumn/winter look since in various places in the world its now getting towards that time. Everyone get your umbrella’s up in England here comes all the rain!


Shi – Fingerless Gloves
PFC~Straight in the Mid
Labyrinth – Big Beard
Dura – Boys&Girls*35(Black)
Bare Rose – Mens Feather Boa Black (Neck)
Dark Prophet Designs – Weapons Harness II – Roman Leather
LR Weapons – Valyrian Sword sheath
PFC~Elven Cloak
PFC~Glory Laurels crown (branch)
Snatched Rarius Ubar Tunic Base
[Deadwool] –  Lahood pants
[The Forge] – Daerwen Boot
Kahli Designs – The Sentry – Lower Belt


Elfin Around


Late into the evening and we have a post! I know it’s been a while but you know me by now. I don’t post all that often only when I feel like it. That hasn’t been until lately. 2 months! If you think I should do more regularly just shout at me and nudge me a lot and I will start pumping out more stuff for men. This one I was getting in touch with my fantasy side and in stories I’m fond of elves. Elegant, strong and wise! However, they can be arrogant and rather ignorant of other species, they consider them to be lesser than themselves.


Shi – Fingerless Gloves
PFC~Crossed Nose (red face paint)
Labyrinth– Big Beard Base (black)
Dark Prophet Designs – Facial Scar 5
Dark Prophet Designs– {Unique}Upper Arm Wrap (cannot get anymore but other armbands will work)
FATEplay – Treffa Cloak
PFC~Attila Bow (dark) – Quiver
Raven Soul – Onslaught Size L Male
MANDALA – Pierced Elf Ears
Snatched Rarius Outfit Shoes
Yasum – Trunk & Bracer
Crown – You cannot get his anymore but LODE does something similar

Into the Future


A little while back I was intrigued by the Sci-fi genre. I think it was partly to do with my love gadgets, playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution as well as my love for Star Wars. To immerse myself into the environment I traveled over to Insilico. If you’ve never been I would recommend taking a look. Insilico has been around for a long time and is an amazing build of a futuristic sim. There are others of course but I’ll leave that for you to explore.


The outfit is composed of quite a number of components. The base outfit I used to build on was the Krova Knight outfit from Krova. Having a base outfit is one of the things I do as my method of building one. It gives you a good foundation to work upon and experiment with by mixing and matching different things with it.

NOTE: Because of the limitations of SL I only used an alpha that hid my hands and my forearms. I wore gloves to get the left hand back, the prosthetic arm for the right. The bracer on the left also fills in for the missing forearm. I’ve listed the alpha I use.


Arm Alpha
.Shi : Fingerless Gloves Alpha

>Tokugawa Heavy Industries< Optical Shades (Small)

Upper Body
Krova Knight Shirt
Krova Knight – Jacket
Krova Knight Shirt Bottom
BIOMECHANOID Prospthetic Arm
FATEwear Glove – Dexter
Krova Knight – Male – Abdomen Plate
Krova Knight – Male – Belt
Krova Knight – Male – Shoulder Left
Krova Knight – Male – Shoulder Right
Krova Knight – Male – Upper Armplate L
Krova Knight – Male – Upper Armplate R
Krova Knight – Male – Coat
Unsung – Angelus Sleeves – Left – Black
Fairlight Industries Aegis Type 2 Bracer

Lower Body
[NeurolaB Inc.] Hi-Boots Runner Combat
[Neurolab Inc.] MESH Baggyz Short (Size 1) Black – Electro 2.5


The Executioner


Drinking coffee, lazy Sundays, it’s especially good after you had such a good night out the night before with friends. To sign off this week I was approached by Equinox to feature one of their new outfits on my blog. Which is a first for me and was nice to know that people do look on here. I know there’s not many men’s blogs out there and that’s why I am here myself.

Here you have the Moros Tunic, it also comes in red.The only quiff I had and that’s purely from my own design eye, is that the belts and metal circular pieces seemed a little random to me. But this is where ‘art’ might of just took its place to make a mark on the outfit itself.  however like the overall ‘functional’ design of it as there aren’t many mesh tunics out there and I bet this will certainly become a standard choice among most!

::EQ:: Moros Tunic
.Shi : Fingerless Gloves
DPD – Facial Scar 5
::EQ:: Moros Bracers
DPD – The North LegWraps (L)
DPD – The North Pants (L)
Atlantis Lion Knight – AXE
::EQ:: Moros (L) Kilt Black
[INK] Hair___FOGLIA ::Coal
[R3] – Axel Scarf
{KD} Villager – Boots (L)

Smart Move


Time to get the show on the road again. I’ve made a fair few outfits in the time I’ve not been posting on this blog. Here’s one I put together for a smart-casual look. Nothing too fancy and certainly nothing from any of the events that you’ll find hard to come by if you do not already own them! Just nice and simple with my favourite pair of pants.

[Deadwool] Gloster jacket
FATEwear Gloves – Dexter
Labyrinth– Big Beard Base (black)
*chronokit* Cropped Sarrouel Pants Black
Gabha Pendant (M)
[INK] Hair___FOGLIA ::Brown
{KD} Villager – Boots

Lord of the North



My it has been a while, seems there is a blue moon rising today for me to be posting. Perhaps it is because I do not follow the blogging crowd and act as a human advertisement. Let me also note I belong to no blogging group, everything you see on this blog is bought by myself. I don’t go around free loading off the stores for free stuff and throwing together any old crap that some people call an outfit (there are some talented outfit builders out there). I make choices and I search  for things what I think are worthwhile for making an outfit. So let us continue with the outfit…

Here I put an outfit together after acquiring only 2 items from the fantasy collective. I hate the fact there are so few things for men sometimes, so I find ways to incorporate what are intended for women to making them work for men. For example the Forge Chainmail Collar as you see in this photo. If you ever get chilly however you could always throw on the fur coat as shown below.



PFC~Crossed Nose
DPD – Facial Scar 5
Labyrinth– Fork Beard
.Shi : Fingerless Glove [Male]
:ENIGMA: Thor’s Bracer Steel – Tales of Fantasy
:ENIGMA: Thor’s Shoulder Black – Tales of Fantasy
DPD – The North Belt
DPD – The North LegWraps
DPD – The North Pants
DPD – Weapons Harness II – Roman Arm bands
Peqe – Viking – Fantasy Collective
[EZ] Wrath’s Sheath (Gold)
[The Forge] Chain Mail Collar (Black, Patterned)
{KD} Villager – Boots

For The Heart of it


It’s been a long time since I last posted. I am certainly not the avid blogger like others I know of. I generally don’t feel like pumping out a post a day or every two days. That’s not to say I do not like it I tend to just go off how I feel. Which then probably means some of you feel like doing it a lot more than I do! (Laugh).

So I got exited about blogging this one because I went to the creator of the Kimono (listed below). I had a black plain version made to fit the style of outfit I have made above. I admit I got a little inspired to add a little bit of “eastern” touch to my outfit from the movie 47 Ronin. Anyway, I hope you like it.

..:Freaks&Geeks:.. Warrior HD Tattoos
(RoMesh) Medieval Pants Black Men’s
Dura– 35
-Labyrinth- Fork Beard
.Shi : Fingerless Glove [Male]
Eldritch Gabha Pendant
JOMO sexy Warrior Wrist B
Primus Drake’s Wake Katana
Snatched VanguardLeftBoot
~SSS~ KIMONO Katahadanugi



While I am working on my ideas, I thought I would throw in an outfit that I have had for quite some time. With those favourite boots and pants that we all wear. I give you Rogue.

NOTE. On the kilt I edited and took off the prims on the sides of the kilt. Keep the leather strips on.

** DIRAM ** Justin Top
.Shi : Fingerless Gloves
*chronokit* Cropped Sarrouel Pants
Eclipse Development– Recluse – Kilt
.Eldritch. Gabha Pendant
Primus Dark Lilly <sheath-no belt>
[monso] My Hair – Jay/ Black Brown
[The Forge] Asgar Bracer UltraRare Left (Black/Gold)
[The Forge] Asgar Bracer UltraRare Right (Black/Gold)
[The Forge] Daerwen Boot Left, Male (Chaos)
[The Forge] Daerwen Boot Right, Male (Chaos)
[The Forge] Daerwen Chest Belt, Male (Brown)

Things to come


It’s 10:45 at night here in the UK, I’m slurping my tea; and I was spending some time with a friend in the world of Second Life. It just made me think how we as people inspire each other. I got so excited about my ideas and thoughts that I couldn’t resist to post a teaser. Good things are coming. Not just the latest releases, newly put together outfits or accessories but also wonderful imagery.

I want to enhance your characters that you play. It is the surroundings and the way you dress that give you avatar it’s character. Whether your looking to voice out what person you are inside through your avatar (as many of us do) or you are being someone you want to be. I hope you will find something within this blog as it progressively builds over time.

The Lionheart

Special thanks to Sadia Terror (Shadowed Ninetails) for creating the pose specifically for this photo.

*This has been moved over from my old blog*

Hello everyone, I was at the Fantasy Gacha the other day and I just happened to stumble across a rare shield! the “Richard Shield” and this inspired me to create an outfit to go with it. It’s very medieval fantasy, very rich with the golds and the bold reds. I hope you like it as much as I do.

JonTheLionheart-front JonTheLionheart-back

Gloves: .Shi : Fingerless Gloves [Male] (You can still get these from their store)
Pants: [Deadwool] Lahood pants
Chest Harness: DPD – Weapons Harness II – Roman Leather
Cloak: FATEplay Cloak – Kollo – Volcano
Bow: LR Nigthdale Bow sheath
Tunic: Snatched Rarius Treve Tunic Base
Boots: Deathrow worn combats male large coal
Sword: [EZ] Wrath’s Conviction -novo2.03 (Gold)
Belt: [knicknack] Leather Belt BROWN (attaches to pelvis)
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Jay/ Black Brown
Shield: [SG] Richard’s Shield {Draw} EPIC (win it from the fantasy Gacha)
Armor: [The Forge] Daerwen, Male (Gold)