For The Heart of it

by Jon


It’s been a long time since I last posted. I am certainly not the avid blogger like others I know of. I generally don’t feel like pumping out a post a day or every two days. That’s not to say I do not like it I tend to just go off how I feel. Which then probably means some of you feel like doing it a lot more than I do! (Laugh).

So I got exited about blogging this one because I went to the creator of the Kimono (listed below). I had a black plain version made to fit the style of outfit I have made above. I admit I got a little inspired to add a little bit of “eastern” touch to my outfit from the movie 47 Ronin. Anyway, I hope you like it.

..:Freaks&Geeks:.. Warrior HD Tattoos
(RoMesh) Medieval Pants Black Men’s
Dura– 35
-Labyrinth- Fork Beard
.Shi : Fingerless Glove [Male]
Eldritch Gabha Pendant
JOMO sexy Warrior Wrist B
Primus Drake’s Wake Katana
Snatched VanguardLeftBoot
~SSS~ KIMONO Katahadanugi