Lord of the North

by Jon



My it has been a while, seems there is a blue moon rising today for me to be posting. Perhaps it is because I do not follow the blogging crowd and act as a human advertisement. Let me also note I belong to no blogging group, everything you see on this blog is bought by myself. I don’t go around free loading off the stores for free stuff and throwing together any old crap that some people call an outfit (there are some talented outfit builders out there). I make choices and I search  for things what I think are worthwhile for making an outfit. So let us continue with the outfit…

Here I put an outfit together after acquiring only 2 items from the fantasy collective. I hate the fact there are so few things for men sometimes, so I find ways to incorporate what are intended for women to making them work for men. For example the Forge Chainmail Collar as you see in this photo. If you ever get chilly however you could always throw on the fur coat as shown below.



PFC~Crossed Nose
DPD – Facial Scar 5
Labyrinth– Fork Beard
.Shi : Fingerless Glove [Male]
:ENIGMA: Thor’s Bracer Steel – Tales of Fantasy
:ENIGMA: Thor’s Shoulder Black – Tales of Fantasy
DPD – The North Belt
DPD – The North LegWraps
DPD – The North Pants
DPD – Weapons Harness II – Roman Arm bands
Peqe – Viking – Fantasy Collective
[EZ] Wrath’s Sheath (Gold)
[The Forge] Chain Mail Collar (Black, Patterned)
{KD} Villager – Boots