The Executioner

by Jon


Drinking coffee, lazy Sundays, it’s especially good after you had such a good night out the night before with friends. To sign off this week I was approached by Equinox to feature one of their new outfits on my blog. Which is a first for me and was nice to know that people do look on here. I know there’s not many men’s blogs out there and that’s why I am here myself.

Here you have the Moros Tunic, it also comes in red.The only quiff I had and that’s purely from my own design eye, is that the belts and metal circular pieces seemed a little random to me. But this is where ‘art’ might of just took its place to make a mark on the outfit itself.  however like the overall ‘functional’ design of it as there aren’t many mesh tunics out there and I bet this will certainly become a standard choice among most!

::EQ:: Moros Tunic
.Shi : Fingerless Gloves
DPD – Facial Scar 5
::EQ:: Moros Bracers
DPD – The North LegWraps (L)
DPD – The North Pants (L)
Atlantis Lion Knight – AXE
::EQ:: Moros (L) Kilt Black
[INK] Hair___FOGLIA ::Coal
[R3] – Axel Scarf
{KD} Villager – Boots (L)