Elfin Around

by Jon


Late into the evening and we have a post! I know it’s been a while but you know me by now. I don’t post all that often only when I feel like it. That hasn’t been until lately. 2 months! If you think I should do more regularly just shout at me and nudge me a lot and I will start pumping out more stuff for men. This one I was getting in touch with my fantasy side and in stories I’m fond of elves. Elegant, strong and wise! However, they can be arrogant and rather ignorant of other species, they consider them to be lesser than themselves.


Shi – Fingerless Gloves
PFC~Crossed Nose (red face paint)
Labyrinth– Big Beard Base (black)
Dark Prophet Designs – Facial Scar 5
Dark Prophet Designs– {Unique}Upper Arm Wrap (cannot get anymore but other armbands will work)
FATEplay – Treffa Cloak
PFC~Attila Bow (dark) – Quiver
Raven Soul – Onslaught Size L Male
MANDALA – Pierced Elf Ears
Snatched Rarius Outfit Shoes
Yasum – Trunk & Bracer
Crown – You cannot get his anymore but LODE does something similar