Lion King

by Jon


I’m still ‘Elfing’ around even though the ears are not so much pronounce on this image. The idea of this was to get a rather Royal autumn/winter look since in various places in the world its now getting towards that time. Everyone get your umbrella’s up in England here comes all the rain!


Shi – Fingerless Gloves
PFC~Straight in the Mid
Labyrinth – Big Beard
Dura – Boys&Girls*35(Black)
Bare Rose – Mens Feather Boa Black (Neck)
Dark Prophet Designs – Weapons Harness II – Roman Leather
LR Weapons – Valyrian Sword sheath
PFC~Elven Cloak
PFC~Glory Laurels crown (branch)
Snatched Rarius Ubar Tunic Base
[Deadwool] –  Lahood pants
[The Forge] – Daerwen Boot
Kahli Designs – The Sentry – Lower Belt