A New Beginning… The Journeyman


It has been some time since I last blogged anything. A fair few things have happened between now and the last and this has prompted some changes. I know the latter statement is cryptic but this is no place for personal stuff. So without me being a morbid bastard, let us begin!

In the past I did a lot of medieval looking outfits and for once I wanted to steer away from such things and add some variety to my posts. There will be a whole mix of genre’s here hopefully and of course there will no doubt be a constant theme of the ones that appeal to me most. After all this is about my style and thoughts. I like piecing things together to bring Second Life avatars alive. I wear outfits I put together for days to get a feel for them, to see if I happy with it. That usually gives me time to make little tweaks on things I spot. I hope you enjoy!


*chronokit* Cropped Sarrouel Pants Black
Action Paul Veganic HAIR
DECO – MESH Bolt Duffle (lightningblack)
DECO – MESH Fisherman Slicker large (coal)
TonkTastic – Gumboots